Boiler Replacement

At Mitten's Plumbing and Heating we pride ourselves on the quality and quantity of boiler replacements we have done over the last 20 years. 

We feel this is something we have excelled in due to our previous contracts with East and West Sussex council. Installing over 100 boilers last year, we are now a qualified "Advanced Installer". This means some of our customers can benefit from a 10 year warranty when we install their boiler.


We are able to facilitate any boiler change and supply all equipment, we will recommend the correct boiler for you and your home.


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Boiler Repair

Mittens Ltd understand how many problems a boiler breakdown can cause. That's why at Mittens Plumbing and Heating we are qualified to diagnose and ideally fix any issues you are having to ensure your home is how it should be.


 We pride ourselves on the knowledge shared within the organisation and have decreased our response time by 11 minutes. This means we get to you as soon as we can when a situation like this occurs.

As mentioned above, Mittens Plumbing and Heating understand the frustration when a problem with your home occurs. This could be failure in the heating, hot water, a leak or just having a noisy tap. Whatever the issue is we have a team of fully qualified, Gas Safe, engineers on hand to deal with your issue at your earliest convenience.


Please see our price list below for all our call out work.

*Prices do not include materials

Call Out & Response Team
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Bathroom Design & Installation

Mitten's are able to install and supply any bathroom or wet room; we can design and customise with the customer to create the ideal style you desire for your bathroom. All building, plastering, plumbing and heating can all be taken care of to ensure a quick but professional finish. 

Wet floor systems will need an inspection on the soil and waste pipe work on the property, and a check on the construction of the floor to ensure it is suitable for wet floor or shower tray.

Under Floor Heating

Underfloor heating gently warms the air above, eliminating cold spots. The warm air convects from the floor surface losing approximately 2 degrees centigrade at 2.0 meters above the floor, which makes the system ideal for all ceiling heights.


Independent tests reveal that the most acceptable indoor climate is one in which the floor temperature ranges between 19-29°C and the air temperature at head level ranges between 20 and 24°C. With radiator or convector heating systems a vertical temperature gradient is produced; colder at foot level than at the head.


We can install under floor heating in all flooring situations. A free site visit would be needed, followed up with a free quotation.

Mittens Plumbing and Heating | Plumber in Brighton HoveMittens Plumbing and Heating | Plumber in Brighton Hove
Commercial Works

The knowledge and experience gained throughout the 15 years of working with large contractors and project managing new developments has given us the tools we need to be able to deal with any size contractor, business or organisation in a professional and efficient way. 

Mittens Plumbing and Heating have worked with a range of well known companies as a trusted contractor to carry a large range of works. 

Please visit our gallery to give you an idea of the scale Mittens Plumbing and Heating are equipped to manage.

Heating radiators are not just devices for heating your home or office; they should be an integral part of your interior design plans. Well-designed stainless steel radiators & towel rails can really enhance the appearance of a room and if selected in conjunction with the existing fixtures and fittings, can complement any living space.


Gone are the days of the one size fits all heating systems that used to stick out like a sore thumb and were the size of a small car, today's contemporary rads are designed with modern living in mind. The variety available is simply staggering and the designs nothing short of revolutionary, whatever your taste we are sure we have something to suit you.

We will visit your property to size the radiator correctly for the area required, a free quotation will then follow.

If you would like to see a full range of radiators please click here 

Designer Radiators
Gas Safety Checks

To ensure you and your family are safe and your boiler fails to work we advise to have a boiler service and a Gas Safety Check once a year.


As a landlord you are responsible for the safety of your tenants. The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 deal with landlords’ duties to make sure gas appliances, fittings and flues provided for tenants are safe.

So your boiler sounds okay and the house is warm, why bother with a service? In times when every penny counts it may be tempting to extend the period between services or even let it go all together.


The fact is that a poorly maintained boiler could actually cost you more than the service itself.


Mitten's Plumbing and Heating are able to supply and install a wide range of Heating systems. We can see what your requirements are and make sure these are met. Each system is bespoke and designed to your needs and the needs of the house.


We visit you at a convenient time to design the system and leave with the options you have available. 

System Design
System Cleaning

Installing over 100 boilers last year, Mittens Plumbing and Heating have seen that one of the largest issues your boiler will face is the small pieces of metal and dirt circulating around your hot water system including your boiler.

We install a magnetic filter system to every boiler we fit to ensure your boiler lives longer and your warranty is valid. We can also engage a power flush system to ensure as much dirt and grime has been pushed out of the heating system.

We are able to fit these to an existing system and therefore if you do not have filter fitted this could cause damage to your boiler in the future. 

Call us today for a free quotation, it could save you a lot more in the long run.

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