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Brighton Plumbing -

Under Floor Heating

Brighton Plumbers, MIttens Ltd have built up one of the best underfloor heating specialists in Brighton and Hove. This is due to the amount of installs and the plumbing in Brighton that Mittens have carried out to a high standard. We work with a number of different Underfloor Heating Manufacturers and we are now a trusted installer for Poly Pipe. They inspect and meet to talking about our plumbing in Brighton and the surrounding areas and have award us with a certificate as a trusted installer. 

Our Brighton Plumbers are very experienced in this area and we have techniques to ensure your new underfloor heating is friendly towards the environment. Being a local Brighton Plumbing Company we take the environment seriously and do what we can to keep your heating as efficient as it can be. 

If you would like to visit our Brighton Plumbing Shop on Church Road, Hove (BN3 2AB) then you will see the different types of underfloor heating we have installed throughout Sussex and the Brighton and Hove area. 

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