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Mitten's is Working with BHESCo!

Mittens Plumbing are proud to announce we are working with BHESCo to help domestic and commercial customers get warm this winter with a new heating system.

This is a statement from BHESCo:

"BHESCo is a not for profit, social enterprise that was established to support businesses and residents in Sussex in taking more control over their energy bills. We serve the local community as independent advisors, making sure that our customers get value for money in their purchases of energy saving and generation systems. We are working with C Mitten Plumbing and Heating because of their track record in delivering excellent service and for their care for the environment. Contact BHESCo at 0800 9996671 if you want to hear more about our pay as you save programme for your boiler replacement."

We look forward to working with them and if you know anyone that could benefit from using mittens and BHESCo to have a new heating system then we can work out a finance

plan based on the savings you would be making from have a new system!

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